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New notebooks! Lisbon edition.

New notebooks! Lisbon edition.

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Portugal. Back in no time.


Portugal. Back in no time.


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Next life step: Camino.

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Vicenza. Padova. Asolo. Bella Italia.

In may…

In may…


Animation! And Leon will be back (they say).

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Hiking / sundays…

Hiking / sundays…

Ondness from Lisbon… music for dark nights.

L'Oeil de la photographie

Via Feira do Livro Fotografia. L’Oeil de la photographie is an online magazine, dedicated to photography.

Lisbon. This time it was about the people (yet again, thanks to all), amazing gardens (so many of them) and the food (no doubt). 

Jardim Botânico Tropical in Belem / Pasteis de Belem / Contemporary art in Museu Berardo at CCB / Jardim Botânico da Ajuda / Praça do Comércio / EXPO near Oriente Station / Lost In Cafe / LX Factory / Lunch in Bairro / Tapada das Necessidades. Not necessary in this order. All photographs are mine this time.

Gunnar Haslam / Smoke Machine Podcast

Beautiful. Tracklist.

Vladislav Delay Quartet - Salt Flats
Conforce - Abundance of Selves
Rrose - Worn/Scarred
The Siege Of Troy - Black Floral Lace Blindfold
nsi. - Clara Ghavami
Hauntologists - EP2 A2
Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 07
Gunnar Haslam - Mark And Don
Plastikman - Psyk
Romans - Alba Iulia
The Lady Blacktronika & Mattski - If Some Rain
DJ Qu - Party People Clap
Even Tuell - Workshop 04 B1
Claro Intelecto - New Dawn
Shed - 7m
T++ - Space Break
Professor Genius - Assasins


Lovely Lisbon guide by Hannelore.